The Gardens of Brocéliande

Gardens of Broceliande

Gardens of Broceliande

I really can’t believe that we are only just out of March. The weather is glorious… hope that we are in for a scorching summer.

Yesterday we visited the Gardens of Brocéliande. These large gardens are near Rennes, about 20 minutes drive, and contain specialised plant collections such as the French national iris collection. In addition, there’s a variety of landscapes to explore, all with their own specialised plants. The plants are well tended and are labeled up so you know what you’re looking at. There are also a lot of gardeners at work who are more than happy to chat to you about the plants.

Barefoot walk in the gardens of Broceliande

Barefoot walk - Gardens of Broceliande

Our children love the barefoot walk, which, as it says is a walk for about 20 minutes without shoes on. The walk is designed to ‘wake up your sense of touch’ and you will walk over a 100 different surfaces. Really good fun.

This year they have also added a ‘Blindfolded walk’ where you walk around a circuit wearing, surprisingly a blindfold! Excellent fun.


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