French bureaucracy at its best

French 2cv - Best car in the World

Best car in the World

The Citroën garage have called. The MOT garage will not perform a MOT without a Certificat de Conformité.

Yes, I know that.

– ‘What shall I do? You won’t issue a Certificat de Conformité without a Controle Technique (MOT)?’ I ask

– ‘I don’t know Madame, but you must come and collect the 2CV’.

So, the 2CV is now back home. There is always more than one way to skin a cat…..

I have two avenues to explore :-

1. Are there any other companies that can issue a Certificat de Conformité? I will do some internet research today…

2. Is there a MOT garage in Brittany that will perform a MOT on a car with British registration documents? I will make some phone calls this morning…

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