How to benefit from the site

Our site has become a significant information resource for English-speaking visitors to the Brittany and Pays de la Loire areas of France, attracting thousands of visitors. You can be a part of this if you :

  • Are resident in the area
  • Operate a business in this area
  • Visit the area on a regular basis
  • Want to publicise events that you run or know about
  • Operate a website that could benefit from the target audience of this site

1. Become a Regular Contributor

[box type=”note”]Got something to say about Brittany or the Pays de la Loire? It”s FREE to say it here![/box]

Of course, anyone can contribute to the site just by replying directly to any posts that are added, but if you would like to add your own posts on subjects of your choice then we need to add you to our database as a post author. Then, you can write to your hearts content and publish directly onto the site.

As this represents a little work on our part – adding you to the system and then a little support for you if you encounter problems – we do like our contributors to try to publish regularly (at least 2 or 3 times per month). It doesn’t have to be a large piece every time, but we do ask for a minimum of 250 words unless the topic is appropriate to cover in less than this, and if you could upload an image to support your post then so much better – it is still true that a picture paints a thousand words! Please make sure you have the rights to use the image though.

Whilst we do not want contributors to post overtly sales-oriented content, there is an opportunity for you to gently build a following amongst our readers. [button size=”large” link=”//” color=”#486083″]Ask us to create your account today[/button]Over time, this will hopefully build confidence, and visitors will want to find out more about you (which could of course lead to a business relationship).

Just follow the instructions above and ask us to set your account up as a regular guest blogger.

2. Advertise on the site

Advertising your product or service on this website can deliver highly cost-effective results for your business. Our traffic is rapidly increasing, with most of our visitors being English-speakers with an interest in travelling to, living in, or working in France – specifically in the North-West regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire.

We currently offer 2 advertising opportunities :

[box type=”note”]Advertise in our Sidebar for less than 70 pence per week[/box]Take a look at the right-hand column of this, and all pages on the site. We are making available a small number of advertiser slots which will display on every page of the website, offering advertisers the opportunity of presenting their product or service on thousands of page impressions every week.

[box type=”note”]New! Advertise in our Leaderboard slot for a little over £1 per week[/box]Take a look at the banner advert at the top of this page. Why not be one of just 4 advertisers to share this premium position.

SPECIAL OFFER : For both of these advertising opportunities we can help create a simple graphic for your advert or run a text advert for you if that suits your purposes better, and we will also create a custom built page on the site from details on your own website so that your products and services get an even greater opportunity for being found.

[button size=”large” link=”//” color=”#486083″]Ask us about our advertising options today[/button]

Whatever you want to advertise – a property for sale, a holiday property for rent, a service you provide to people living in the area or holidaying here – let us place it in front of your target audience.


If you would like to contribute in any of the ways outlined above, then please get in touch with us to discuss.


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