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Some possible outcomes of getting into debt.

A private individual who owns his own property or rents one and lives modestly runs little risk of becoming indebted. Nevertheless, avoiding putting in tax returns or turning a blind eye to the obligations of being a French resident may mean that fines (amendes) or interest (majorations) are applied when the authorities catch up with you.

Tips on how to avoid getting in to debt in France and what to do if you do

Some implications of French bureaucracy.

Doing what we do we see a fair amount of what happens when people get it wrong and often spend a lot of time trying to help them. The sad thing is that with more knowledge of French bureaucracy and the differences between the French and the British attitudes to life a lot of the time this sort of situation can be avoided or at least improved. So in this post I am going to try and set down a few general principals about operating your life in France both professionally and privately and give some pointers on how to avoid the traps that life sets. In the next post I will talk about what happens if the huissiers do call and how to deal with it all.

Take a look at some general principals to help you get through private and professional life in France