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Immense and indestructible, or polished and clever? St Nazaire or Nantes in France?

Majestic Heron in Nantes

Nicola was so impressed on her recent visit to the submarine pens and town of St Nazaire, that she has gone back for another look, following it up with a visit to the modern exhibition of Machines de L’Ile in Nantes.

Take another look at the World War 2 submarine pens in St Nazaire, and at the majestic heron, part of Machines de L’Ile exhibition in Nantes

France Fines Google for offering Free Maps

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I have just read an article about a law suit brought by Bottin Cartographes in France against Google. Bottin Cartographes claim, and the French court agrees, that Google has been anti-competitive by offering it’s Google Maps API service free of charge, and that this is not competitive with it’s own business mapping service.

Read my views on why competing in the same marketplace as Google could be good for business