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It’s official! Parisian women allowed by law to wear trousers!

Did you know that, up until January 2013, there was a law banning women from wearing trousers in Paris (without obtaining permission from the authorities)? Luckily, this 200-year-old law has now been revoked… making it less likely that 50% of the population will get arrested next time they visit the capital!

Find out more about the history behind the ‘sans culottes’ law

Strikes and protests in France – your views please

France continues to suffer from the strikes and protests against the governments plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, and the full state pension age from 65 to 67. This is causing hardship for ordinary people who live and work in France, frustration for the government, bitterness and anger amongst young people and union members, and reticence on the part of foreign investors and tourists.

What’s your view of the strikes in France? Read more, enter our poll, and leave your own comments here…