Buying a car in France without proof of address

Blue VW Beetle in France
Blue Beetle in France

Jill from New Zealand contacted us to ask the following question…

My husband and I are coming to France at the end of June to spend a year doing workway and house sitting experiences. We are both UK citizens who have spent the last 30 years living in France. We want to buy a car and use it for a year and then sell on our return to NZ. The whole year relies on us getting a car – and we will have not fixed address – any ideas on how we can achieve this? Everything I read says we need to supply a utility bill as proof of address but of course we will not have one. We do have a sister in the Gers and a friend in the UK though. Any help greatly appreciated from a very sunny NZ!

If you can help Jill and her husband out with some information, please add your comment to this post.

Thank you.

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