Martin Jarvis - helping website owners get more traffic and win more business When will the new breath test requirement come into effect?

From 1st July 2012 it will be a legal requirement to carry a single-use breathalyser test kit in all cars in use on French roads.

Why are breath test kits a requirement for driving in France?

This law has been implemented to help reduce the number of deaths on French roads – it’s estimated that 1 in 3 of all road deaths in France in 2011 were caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Are English drivers affected by the breath test law?

This law applies to English drivers in France and also to rented cars. It will be the drivers responsibility to ensure that their rental car is equipped, although many rental companies have already committed to providing them.

There will be a small fine of 11 Euros for drivers who do not have a breath test kit in their car if stopped by the police.


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  1. We arrived in France on Thursday to find that supermarkets and pharmacies in Loire-Atlantique all seem to have sold out of the new breath test kits. It turns out that the demand has outstripped supply across France and so the authorities have delayed the compulsory introduction until November.
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  2. Hello Martin. You’ve put together a great post here. I think it’s worth noting – with the new driving laws in France, you’ll need to carry a breath testing kit when traveling on French roads. But be sure that it displays the “NF” logo on the packaging to ensure that it’s a model which complies with the new French driving laws.

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